Horse riding routes



Nature routes in Zvainieki and Priedaine bends

Horse riding in nature park „Daugavas loki” (Daugava bends) with a high possibility to see wild animals and birds in beautiful landscape of Daugava river valley. Introduce to the sceneries of the nature – protected area up the Daugava River, the nature park of Daugava river located in the area, protected objects of geology: Sproģi ravines and Adamova precipice, as well as the great pine of Sproģi. Enjoy the beauty and richness of the nature seen only from horseback, to form an understanding of natural processes… (routes for 1-5 hours and 2-3 days tours)

Priedaines loks

Culture – historical route

Look at Veckaplava’s old wooden cottages, Vecborne Lutheran Church, Veckaplava Orthodox Church and baron Engelhard manor-buildings (routes for 2 hours).


“Look through the Latvian-Belarusian border”

You don’t need a visa for looking into Belarus across the border – landscapes with lakes, villages and forests (routes for 3 hours).

Baltkrievijas robeža

Landscapes of Selija region

Representative landscape of the traditional Selija region relief: narrow roads, small hills, forests and farmsteads in near and distant perspective (routes for 2 hours).

Selijas ainavas

Expedition to the Latvian-Belarusian border area. Robeždaugava.

I will not lie if I will say – a little bit mysterious, dreamlike and feral in the snaky road which in fist stage looks like without an end… But it comes! It opens the view to the wooden farmsteads, lost luxury and today’s reality. Riding through Dvorišče, Rožupole, Varnaviči, Novoseļci, Robeždaugava. Accommodation in guest house and meals near the Jablonka lake (200m from the EU and Belarusian border). View to the Varnaviči, Novoseļci and Jablonka lakes (3 days tour).


Tour to Šilovka forest lake

Dvorišče, Rožupole villages, fire tower with beautiful view to Daugava river valley, Šilovka lake. Fishing, walking, mushrooming, picking berries, swimming. Picnics, accommodation in tents (2 days tour).

Silovkas apkartne