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Horse rides and cart services


  • Ride in arena – 1 min / 3 EUR (minimum 5 min)
  • Ride in the surroundings 1 hour (min 3 persons) – 25 EUR per person, if 2 persons – 30 EUR per person. High intensity ride (max trotting and cantering) – 40 EUR per person
  • Ride in the surroundings 1 hour – 30 EUR per person with children. The total weight must not exceed 90 kg
  • Individual ride for one person 1 hour – 40 EUR, high intensity ride (trotting and cantering) – 50 EUR per person
  • Horseback riding lessons – 50 EUR per person. With preparation of the horse for riding, cleaning, saddling, communication – one hour lesson, with the prepared, saddled horse – 40-45 minutes
  • Cart services in summer in the carriage 1 hour – 15 EUR per person (If in winter, due to the lack of snow, a cart is used instead of a sledge, the price per person is 20 EUR)
  • Cart services in winter on sleigh 1 hour – 20 EUR per person, 4 persons – 80-100 EUR
  • Carriage trip – with 1 horse – minimum 70 EUR, with 2 horses – minimum 100 EUR. With a trip outside the territory (including cities), the price is negotiable
  • Wedding carriage (2 horses) in “KLAJUMI” horse ranch (up to 1 hour – 200 EUR) or we can provide the carriage at any plane in Latvia or Lithuania – price should be discussed
  • Wedding carriage (4 horses) and 2 escort horses in “KLAJUMI” horse ranch (up to 1 hour – 450 EUR) or we can provide the carriage at any plane in Latvia or Lithuania – price should be discussed

!!! Please note that our downtime (customer waiting time) is counted as service time.

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Horseback tours (WALKING SPEED)

Tours in Nature Park “Daugavas loki” (Daugava bends) and near Latvian – Belarusian border. The price includes services of a guide-instructor, an equipped horse, overnight stay, catering and sauna for one evening. The programme can be combined with boating or rafting according to guests’ wishes. At least two participants needed.


  • 2-day horseback tour – 125 EUR
  • 2-day horseback tour with longer riding (minimal trotting and cantering included) – 200 EUR per person (min 2 participants); if there are at least 3 participants – 150 EUR per person
  • 3-day horseback tour – 210 EUR per person
  • 4-day horseback tour – 310 EUR per person
  • 5-day horseback tour – 405 EUR per person
  • 6-day horseback tour – 485 EUR per person
  • 7-day horseback tour – 585 EUR per person


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Ridetherapy/relaxing on horseback

Exercises at a walking pace, trotting and galloping – sitting straight, backwards, sidewards, on knees, standing.


  • Ridetherapy class for one person up to 20 minutes – 50 EUR

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Other services

  • Tour of the farm – 60 EUR
  • Participation in events, celebrations, festivals. Horses are accustomed to the audience, music, gunshots

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